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Tomala was born in Jumet, by one fine day of May and he always lives in the area of Charleroi.He is an author, type-setter and interprets.
With the 12 years age, he follows courses of musical theory and starts to compose of small melodiesAt 13 years, TOMALA takes part in several hooks and its beginnings were not at all badTomala continues its studies in section electricity
He buys its first guitar, and plays during a few years in an orchestra of the French border
In 1991, our friend arises his melodies of the drawer and propose them with certain artists but without positive answer, he decides to interpret them himself
It is in 1992, that all really starts for him after the discovery of very good arranger, it records its first disc which contains 2 titles (on ne sait jamais et n'oublie pas)it is the thunderbolt on the radios with the first titleHe takes part then in various podiums and galas like the Téléton in France and the Télévie in Belgium
In June 1993, he decides to leave a cassette of two sung titles and two orchestral titles, (les oubliés and viva roma) les oubliés will make its entry in the top 30 and will remain classified 1st during 14 weeks
In 1994 exit of its first CD with 14 titles including 7 orchestral titles, it is thanks to it Cd which it could make of the emissions on the German TV which were also diffused in Sicily (Italy) and Strasbourg (France).It is besides with this TV that Tomala will make a round in July and August 1995, in Italy. The album of Tomala is in Canada and in California.
Since 1993, the radios of the North of France and Belgium diffuse Tomala and the artist gain much success near the listeners.
In 1996, that's the exit of CD "Mon oncle Sam" with 10 titles including 5 orchestral. The title (la pendule du soir) these orchestral version is the code of several organizers.
At the beginning of 1997 exit of a new album "Quand je rêve de ma belle" always with 5 orchestral titlesIt is in 1998 that takes place the exit of 4th Cd entitled "Vivre à tes côtés", there are 10 titles, with a single "papa Michel" in memory has his Dad.
In Mars 2001 exit of 5th CD Vous les femmes with 10 titles including 5 orchestral titles.
In December 2002 a CD 2 titles (New York - San Francisco) which hangs the waves radios of course.